Jan 23, 2014




The short version. People only have time for that... I only have time for that, whichever. Art show at Asgard Tavern. SOFA madness, what a good time. Went to Mexico to detox (haha) from Chicago and see someone special. Came to Seattle for 20 hours then got on a plane to Taiwan. Went to a crazy place called the Dream Community for a residency. They dont have Thanksgiving in Taiwan so we declared it America. Met some great folks and fuddled. Saw Neutral Milk Hotel...God is that you up there? Bailed early (30 something hours on a plane) to go North Carolina to see Tadashi. My partner in crime, Taylor, came to meet me and we made some glass for 3 day for Taylor Kinzel Gallery. Thanks to Carla for saving us from sleeping by the furnace. Misread the date of the opening and bolted to Atlanta to get the work there before opening. I wish I could read. Got back, had a show a few days later at Kassie Keith's in Georgetown with the help of lovely Amanda.Skipped Christmas festivities and made for the coast. R & D for Chihuli with Mr. Blank. Back to the trench. Skateboarding more. PBS is gonna show the Fracture video. Stoked.