Jul 14, 2013

I've neglected this thing. The summer just beckons for the real world much more than the internet world. I skateboarded on some molten glass. It was filmed by the every skilled Ethan Steinman . He has a thermal camera leased for a short time and we have been doing different experiments and seeing the heat in the pieces. For a glass nerd its pretty amazing. There should be a video of the blue piece being created at some point soon. The cups are in the slowly growing inventory of a fast approaching Mountain Fair in Carbondale, Colorado. I got a motorcycle and have already strapped some glass to the back of it, a true test of my packing skills. I had a show go up and come down at Fremont Coffee Co. Its my local coffee spot so it was cool to have a show there. I chemical bonded different elements onto these glass figures for Martin. It took roughly 20 hours a piece to all the components stuck on there. I escaped into the woods on my bike after that show went out. Its sunny so I'm getting off the computer.