Mar 2, 2013

I’m in the LA airport. LA is not my favorite. The earth seems to be spinning into spring which is great. I went to Vancouver to do some equipment with my buddy Cheyanne at Bocci Studio. I got to meet some of the Vancouver glass folks. Martin sent out two incredible glass figures so John Harvey and I spent two days creating the most complex and secure shipping rig for these figures. I was lucky enough to be able to help Raven Skyriver down at the MOG. He’s taking the glass world by storm, that’s for sure. My Dad, brother, and I went to Tokyo to check out the place I grew up. The street shown above is where I lived 3rd – 5th grade. Through friends of friends, I met up with a glass artist named Yoshie and got to see my friend Chika whom I went to Pilchuck with 3 years ago. I even got to see one of the few hot shops in the Tokyo city limits. They’ve got it figure out. Japanese studios pretty closely resemble American ones (which pretty much resemble Italian ones). Brian Butcher and I are committed to Mountain Fair again this year so I’ve got to get busy for this fair. Looking forward to being back in Seattle.