Jan 5, 2013

Ah busy as usual. I got a day off on Christmas, which felt great. Team Young Buck (room mates and myself) joined forces and got busy at Martin's hot shop. We did two days of work for myself. I'm in the process of finishing all these pieces so I will have images soon. I have a website now thanks to the help of my friend, Johno. www.robertgburch.com  If you were sent here from the website then you're are stuck in a Robert Burch infinite loop, and thats too bad. Perhaps the most impressive thing in happening in the near future is a trip to Corning. I'm about 4 hours away from boarding a plane and enduring a 12 hour travel nightmare to get to Raven Skyriver's class. The Corning is a museum is a must for any serious glass artist so I'm excited to be able to go check it out. We will be on a live feed so that makes us internet famous. Stalk away.