Dec 6, 2012

So I'm back in a coffee shop in Seattle, the morning is overcast and they’re playing Miles Davis…perfect. This last stop on tour was excellent. I headed to Colorado for a quick second for Thanksgiving, then immediately down to Atlanta. After a furious battle with my brother, I got the car keys away from him and zoomed up to Sylva, North Carolina. I stayed with my friend/teacher Tadashi Torii and his wife Corina. Together we worked for 3 full days in the shop in preparation for Taylor Kinzel’s 9th Annual Glass Show. I cold worked on the 4th day and then we all went to Ashville and got busy drinking with the sweet folks at the Ashville Glass Center. The following morning, I grabbed the last of the glass outta the annealer and went  next door to John, the blacksmith to get a stand fitted to a piece and blasted to Cashiers to get some more inventory. It was a lot of fun speeding down the lonely back roads of South Carolina into Georgia and then straight to the Gallery. The show went great and there was a good turnout. They got a great amount of Toys for Tots. It’s always so good to see all these other artists and patrons. I’m starting to understand this rhythm of things a little better so I felt confident saying ‘See you again next year’ (except the world is going to end soon so maybe that was a lie). After another haggard travel day, I got back to Seattle and within 13 hours of stepping off my plane, I was lighting up Martin’s hot shop. I got a scholarship to Raven Skyriver’s class so I will be headed to Corning in January. For now…coffee.