Dec 6, 2012

This is Jackson Country Green Energy Park, (absolutely not to be mistaken for the EnergyXChange). It’s the future of sustainable glass blowing. Timm Muth runs the show over there. This place is adjacent to a landfill, but you wouldn’t know it because it’s covered with a beautiful meadow. They’re 7 holes that go down 70ft in the ground. From these holes methane gas, which is present in all landfills and is off gassing all the time, is pumped into one larger machine, and then directly into the art facilities below aka the glassblowing studio. Methane is an extremely harmful gas and the more ecologically responsible way to deal with this gas is to burn in. This place should be a model for the future of glass making. I plan on returning to this shop each year to make work, and I feel that anyone opening a studio should take a close look at how the JCGEP does it.  For more information check out