Oct 19, 2012

These will be on display at Hooks-Epstein Galleries for the next few weeks (along with the blue one right below). I'm writing this with tired, pre-coffee eyes, but I'm about to get on down to the airport and fly to Huston for the opening. Its Saturday from 6 - 8. The address of the gallery is at their website. I'm nervous but excited. This past week has been an amazing and tiring blur. I spent a week in Colorado for family matters, but blew glass with John Hudnut and the mastro Dave Powers. It was a lot of fun being able to go back with new tricks from the Seattle Mecca. I cranked out a piece or two for my high school's auction. My piece sold at the Pilchuck auction, which is always nice. Rumor has it the auction raised enough money to meet their quota, so the fires will keep burning. I'm shipping Martins pieces to Sofa, and the Santalini's work to Italy next week, then off to Chicago for SOFA. Wish me luck.