Sep 9, 2012

Almost 50 days in a row of sunshine in Seattle. I dare one of these Seattle folks to complain about the 'lack of Summer'...move to California already. Anyway, its been amazing out and I've been super busy like always. I made some glass with Team Young Buck aka my room mates. Its the most comfortable feeling having a team that you can trust entirely. I got to use Martin's hotshop, which I've recently decided is one of the best places to make glass. There are very few limitations in that place. The work is being made for Hooks-Epstein Gallery. If all goes well, 6 pieces should be on display, and I will be in Houston for the opening on October 20. I got to help Rick Allen make some work. His work is really amazing. This month is evaporating to quickly. I shipped a 11 ft tall glass tree to California for Martin Blank, that's the mess behind the U-Haul. That was quite the challenge but it installed successfully. The Pilchuck Auction accepted my piece, raising my acceptance rate from 0% to 50%. These next few months are going to be exciting and draining. The Hooks-Epstein Show, SOFA Chicago, The Pilchuck Auction, Taylor Kinzel's Glass show in Atlanta, along with some stops in Colorado. That's the way it goes....wish me luck.