Jul 16, 2012

Time marches on, in a great and tiring way. I've been working so hard in the last month, although this picture doesn't prove it. Where to start? Art on the Ridge is hosting my paintings for the next three months, and there is talk in the air of a 'Miniature Show' of small work, which is nice cause its less heavy to make small work.  Ben Sharp has a residency at the MOG and my room mate Taylor and I have been helping on that team. I helped Davide Salvadore down at the Museum with his team (his sons Marco and Matia), and got to be a part of their Italian working style. Later that week Martin Blank was the live entertainment at the MOG 'Shatter Sessions' so I got to work on the floor that night. The Glass House claims my Saturdays, and they've got some of my painted vessel work in their gallery space. Hooks-Epstein Galleries is showing my work now! Woohoo Texas representation. Everything is bigger down there so I guess I'm going to be making some larger work. On Saturday, I hit the road to Colorado for Mountain Fair. I will be sharing a booth with a good friend and having these new burn canvas paintings on display at Steve's Guitars for the weekend. So things are going well, but it doesn't come easy. Looking forward to being at home on the road.