Mar 2, 2012

Here are some shots of my show at Chocolati. It will be up for another two weeks. It was a such a sigh of relief to hang the show and finally get them out there in Seattle. Special thanks to Donna for helping me hang the show. She rules. Below is my artist statement. Simple and to the point.

My name is Robert. These are my paintings.

These works are for your enjoyment. The purpose of these paintings is not to alienate anyone with lofty artist statements or convoluted concepts. The subjects are simple.

If you like a painting then you should have it. If you truly feel that this canvas will give you a good feeling then it should be in your home.

Understand most things come with a cost. There is minimum number, but suggest a price. I don’t want these paintings to be tool of market manipulation or inflated prices. They do more good in someone’s space than they do in lonely showrooms with high prices.

I hope you enjoy them.