Oct 1, 2011

I was helping my buddy Taylor with his work recently. He gave me the last 30 min of his blowslot and I threw this guy together. It felt so nice to let go and just play. I painted 'Wayne' with some Diegal paint. He will be on display for the Blacklight/Glow Show this month at Artist and Craftsman Supply in Seattle, swing by if you can. I believe the party will be on the 30th. I also have a piece included in this months show at Art Not Terminal, an artist-run gallery in downtown Seattle. Their party is October 1st, at 7pm, and they're also part of the Belltown Art walk. I've been really concerned lately with finding outlets to show glass outside of the glass community. There are some odd boundaries, or groupings of glass artists, that keep them from mingling with artists from every medium. I feel that for the medium of glass art to grow, glass artists need to seek outlets beyond the safety and understanding of fellow glass artists. So that's what I have been doing lately.