Feb 23, 2011

Vegas Quest

I've gotten myself mixed in with a crazy crew. I found some work at a hot shop in N. Bend, WA. The artists name is Wes. I worked for nearly 3 weeks as his right hand man, without a day off preparing for a trade show in Las Vegas. Making the glass, photographing, packing, loading the box truck, and then I drove this 16 ft box truck with 3k lbs of glass from Seattle to Las Vegas, in two days. The investor, his assistant, a guy named Jeff, and another girl named Katlin are also somehow involved in this mission. The show went well then Wes went his own way, the investor went another, and I started driving the truck home, for it to break down in Nevada. I transfered the glass from the broken truck, to a U-Haul, and then drove through a bilzzard. I got back to Seattle two days ago. I am still diffusing, skating, and now I have some change scraped up to rent some time for myself in the next few days. Hopefully everything works our for this crew, and I will have some photos of glass in the next week or so.


These are the photos from the trip