Sep 28, 2009


Robert Burch

Education and Work Experience
David Powers Studios Interim     May 10-17 2008
Work Experience with David Powers     September 2008 – June 2011
Colorado Rocky Mountain School Graduation    June 2009
John Hudnut- Gatherhouse Studios Assistant     July 2009
Donna Gordon- Nogrod Studios Assistant     July 2009
Matt Barvelc Lampworking Class     August 2009 & January 2011
Tadashi Torii Lead Assistant     September 2009 – December 2010
Pilchuck Glass School Nancy Blair’s Casting Class     Summer Session 2010
Georgia Southwestern State University Glass Program     Fall Semester 2010
Pilchuck Auction Glass Handler    October 2010
Feng Shwa Glass Lead Assistant   January – April 2011
Charles Friedman Glass Assistant   May 2011 – Present
Granite Calipong Museum of Glass Residency Assistant    July 2011
Pilchuck Glass School Ulrica Hydman-Vallien Class   August 2011
Pilchuck Glass School Auction Set-up and Tear-down    October 2011 & 2012
Martin Blank Hot Shop Assistant and Art Shipper    October 2011

Teaching Experience
Dave Powers Studios Beginner Classes  May – July 2010
Duckbill Studios Paperweight Classes 2010
Duckbill Studios Personal Tutorials and Touch of Glass Classes 2010
Angel Rae Glass Beginner Lessons 2011
Seattle Glassblowing Lessons 2011

Gallery Representation and Shows
Taylor Kinzel Gallery      Atlanta, Georgia
Art on the Ridge Gallery   Seattle, Washington
Group Shows at Colorado Rocky Mountain School    June 2008 - 2010
Glass Photography at Art Institute of Atlanta Duckbill Studios Show    November 2009
Group Show at Georgia Southwestern State University     October 2010
Night of Glass at Taylor Kinzel Gallery    December 2010
Dunwoody Arts Festival    Mother’s Day 2010 & 2011
Discoverers in Glass, Clayton Arts Gallery    March 2011
Present in Balance, Angel Rae Glass    June 2011
Mountain Fair Glass Booth    August 2011
Art Not Terminal October Group Show 2011
Black Light/Glow Show at Artist Supply Seattle   October 2011