May 17, 2017

Mar 8, 2017

New Website

I've just lauched a new and cleaner website. Its still pretty far down on the ol' google search. If you find this first and want to follow it to the new website, here it is.

Dec 20, 2016

Paintings, motorbikes, some glass, NYC, Little Nell commission,

Oct 11, 2015

I've retracted a lot from an online presence. Old people tell me I need to 'Market! Social Media!', but there's really nothing genuinely social about it. Id rather live life outside screens more so. And posting one's every move makes it far too easy for people to stalk you. That said here are some photos of recent happenings. I'll be at SOFA again this year.

Nov 3, 2014

Photos by the great Russell Johnson. See you at SOFA!

Jan 23, 2014




The short version. People only have time for that... I only have time for that, whichever. Art show at Asgard Tavern. SOFA madness, what a good time. Went to Mexico to detox (haha) from Chicago and see someone special. Came to Seattle for 20 hours then got on a plane to Taiwan. Went to a crazy place called the Dream Community for a residency. They dont have Thanksgiving in Taiwan so we declared it America. Met some great folks and fuddled. Saw Neutral Milk Hotel...God is that you up there? Bailed early (30 something hours on a plane) to go North Carolina to see Tadashi. My partner in crime, Taylor, came to meet me and we made some glass for 3 day for Taylor Kinzel Gallery. Thanks to Carla for saving us from sleeping by the furnace. Misread the date of the opening and bolted to Atlanta to get the work there before opening. I wish I could read. Got back, had a show a few days later at Kassie Keith's in Georgetown with the help of lovely Amanda.Skipped Christmas festivities and made for the coast. R & D for Chihuli with Mr. Blank. Back to the trench. Skateboarding more. PBS is gonna show the Fracture video. Stoked.

Oct 9, 2013

Jul 14, 2013

I've neglected this thing. The summer just beckons for the real world much more than the internet world. I skateboarded on some molten glass. It was filmed by the every skilled Ethan Steinman . He has a thermal camera leased for a short time and we have been doing different experiments and seeing the heat in the pieces. For a glass nerd its pretty amazing. There should be a video of the blue piece being created at some point soon. The cups are in the slowly growing inventory of a fast approaching Mountain Fair in Carbondale, Colorado. I got a motorcycle and have already strapped some glass to the back of it, a true test of my packing skills. I had a show go up and come down at Fremont Coffee Co. Its my local coffee spot so it was cool to have a show there. I chemical bonded different elements onto these glass figures for Martin. It took roughly 20 hours a piece to all the components stuck on there. I escaped into the woods on my bike after that show went out. Its sunny so I'm getting off the computer.

Apr 11, 2013

Time flies when you keep your head down and work right? Since I got back from Japan I’ve had 3 days off. Martin has been keeping me busy on his projects, a lot of shipping, and chemical bonding. We did a day with Dave Chihuly. In the meantime from all of the craziness of MBS, I worked a day in the hot shop and my friend Ethan Steinman made this edit of the day. He does it right. I did a day of demos at Sammamish High School which was cool, corrupting youth and so forth.  I have a show planned at Fremont Coffee Company for next month. So in any spare moment I’ve been making glass as well as paintings. Right before my hands and elbows exploded from over working, I escaped to Colorado for a few days.

Mar 2, 2013

I’m in the LA airport. LA is not my favorite. The earth seems to be spinning into spring which is great. I went to Vancouver to do some equipment with my buddy Cheyanne at Bocci Studio. I got to meet some of the Vancouver glass folks. Martin sent out two incredible glass figures so John Harvey and I spent two days creating the most complex and secure shipping rig for these figures. I was lucky enough to be able to help Raven Skyriver down at the MOG. He’s taking the glass world by storm, that’s for sure. My Dad, brother, and I went to Tokyo to check out the place I grew up. The street shown above is where I lived 3rd – 5th grade. Through friends of friends, I met up with a glass artist named Yoshie and got to see my friend Chika whom I went to Pilchuck with 3 years ago. I even got to see one of the few hot shops in the Tokyo city limits. They’ve got it figure out. Japanese studios pretty closely resemble American ones (which pretty much resemble Italian ones). Brian Butcher and I are committed to Mountain Fair again this year so I’ve got to get busy for this fair. Looking forward to being back in Seattle.